Hello for Action “Amid climate changes, there is an urgency for us to drive greater interest and accountability for our societies and environments. Businesses must rally together to make a change today, for the future.”

In today’s fast-paced business world, digital transformation has become a crucial component of success. At the same time, companies are expected to do their part to promote sustainability and ESG practices. It might seem hard to combine these two goals, but if you include sustainability in your digital transformation strategy, you can make a plan that will help both your business and the environment. Here are some detailed and useful tips to help you include sustainability in your strategy for digital transformation:

Start with a clear vision: The first step is to establish a clear and measurable vision for sustainability. Your vision should reflect your organization’s values and priorities, as well as your ESG goals. Your environmental impact, social responsibilities, and corporate governance goals are a good place to start. Consider where your company can make the most significant impact and set specific targets for each area.

Conduct an ESG assessment: It’s important to do an ESG assessment to find out how sustainable your company’s current practices are and where you can make improvements. The assessment should look at all aspects of ESG, such as how it affects the environment, how it treats people, and how it runs its business. Use the results of the assessment to identify areas of strength and weakness and develop an action plan to address the issues.

Incorporate sustainability into your digital transformation plan: Make sure to think about sustainability in every part of your plan for digital transformation. This includes the technologies you use, the processes you follow, and the metrics you track. Consider using energy-efficient hardware, cloud-based services, and digital tools to reduce paper consumption. Optimize your supply chain to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. Using data analytics can help you find ways to reduce your impact on the environment and make your business run more efficiently.

From processes and systems to customer and partner interactions and entire value chains, nearly everything can be rethought with digital at the core. Advanced technologies and modernized ways of operating and collaborating across value chains will be critical for building new business models that meet sustainability targets.

Below are few common organizational digital initiatives that have direct  connection with ESG.


  • SMART Buildings

  • Cloud Migration

  • Resilient Infrastructure

  • Digital Twins

  • Supply Chain Modernization and Tracking

  • Asset Tracking and Life Cycle Management


  • Connected Workers

  • Customer Experience and Accessibility

  • Employee Experience Platforms

  • Adaptive Product Development


  • Organizational Risk Management and Governance

  • Security and Operations


Engage stakeholders: Sustainability is a group effort that requires all stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, and investors, to be involved. Tell them about your vision for sustainability and include them in the planning process to make sure they buy in and are committed. Educate and train employees on the importance of sustainability and provide them with the tools they need to incorporate sustainable practices into their work. Engage your customers and suppliers by telling them about your sustainability efforts and asking them to join in. Measure and report on your progress:

To ensure that you are making progress towards your sustainability goals, you need to measure and report on your performance regularly. You can measure your progress with things like carbon emissions, energy use, waste reduction, and employee engagement. Share your sustainability performance with your stakeholders to demonstrate your commitment to ESG practices.

Your ESG Vision Partner AccelESG’s Sustainability teams provide extensive support for companies and advisors tackling today’s ever-changing ESG demands. From materiality assessments and sustainability reporting to net zero strategies, supply chain audits, and ESG-related internal investigations-and more- our diverse group of experts are here to guide you through your ESG journey, helping to create a more sustainable and inclusive future for your organization and the world. The complex solutions needed to solve our interconnected social, economic, health and environmental challenges will rely on the speed, automation, intelligence and connectedness that only a digital-first mindset can bring. At AccelESG, we deploy systems, processes and entire value chain for building new business models that meet sustainability.

Conclusion: Embedding sustainability into your digital transformation strategy is not only good for the planet but also good for your business. By including sustainability in your plan for digital transformation, you can improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and boost the reputation of your organization. To make this a reality, start by establishing a clear vision for sustainability, conducting an ESG assessment, incorporating sustainability into your digital transformation plan, engaging stakeholders, and measuring and reporting on your progress regularly. In conclusion, if you want to create a more sustainable future for your organization, take the first step today by embedding sustainability into your digital transformation strategy. By doing so, you’ll not only improve your business’s bottom line but also make a positive impact on the planet.