Empower your organization in achieving gold standard of auditable ESG data

Benefits of ESG Implementation

From carbon emissions to ethical supply chains, from corporate governance to your social and environmental responsibility, ESG is the utopia of the world where everything works simply and efficiently, where all your data is available with the touch of a button in a single, simple, auditable, and secure platform.

Improved Risk Management

Enhanced Portfolio Performance

Strengthen Regulatory Compliance

Greater Innovation & Adaptability

Contribution to Global Sustainability Goals

What if we told you that implementing ESG correctly would directly affect your bottom line, keep you compliant with the ever-evolving regulatory requirements, and save the environment all in one?

And probably more if you go with what the consultants will tell you is needed to ‘seamlessly integrate’ your systems.  This is where most companies make their first mistake.

Your organization already has most of the information you require sitting in various databases and data sources scattered around your company.  We need to bring that together, clean it, check that it’s accurate, prepare it for audit, transform it into things like carbon emissions or regulatory compliance reports, and then present it to the world.

Introducing AccelTRACK, our latest cloud-based ESG reporting solution designed to revolutionize the way your organization approaches sustainability.

In a world where the term “ESG” can evoke thoughts of complexity and high costs, AccelTRACK stands out as a streamlined and powerful tool to empower your organization in achieving the gold standard of auditable ESG data.

AccelTRACK helps businesses see, understand, and act on sustainability data.

With AccelTRACK, you get a single, streamlined platform where data from varied sources converge, providing seamless integration and ensuring your ESG reporting is as comprehensive as it is coherent.  No more multiple systems swimming in the waters next to you vying for funding and resources.

Experience the Impact of being United by Data

Our ESG reporting platform seamlessly integrates data from diverse sources, providing you with a holistic view of your organization's sustainability performance. We believe in uniting fragmented data to reveal powerful insights and drive impactful decisions.

Unleash the Full Spectrum of ESG Insights

Elevate your ESG reporting with cutting-edge analytics capabilities. Our platform goes beyond surface-level assessments, delving deep into ESG data to uncover trends, correlations, and opportunities that are vital for informed decision-

Compliance Confidence

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with our built-in tools that ensure your governance practices align with evolving standards. In the realm of ESG, trust is everything. AccelTRACK is designed to rigorously check data accuracy, highlight potential errors, and help ensure that all your data is 100% audit-ready 100% of the time – the elusive GOLD standard of data reporting.

Commitment to Sustainability

Align with top-tier reporting frameworks like GRI, SASB, and TCFD, giving you innate adherence to global standards. With AccelTRACK, your reports are more than just numbers; they're a testament to your global commitment to sustainability.

AccelTrack Integrates with Multiple Partners for Easy ESG Reporting.

With AccelTRACK, you get a single, streamlined platform where data from varied sources converge, providing seamless integration and ensuring your ESG reporting is as comprehensive as it is coherent.

Mark Becking

Chief Product Officer

I am thrilled to announce the official launch of our groundbreaking ESG Reporting Software, AccelTRACK, a product that represents a significant leap forward in empowering organizations to embrace sustainability and responsible business practices.

In an era where Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations are at the forefront of corporate responsibility, AccelTRACK stands out as a catalyst for positive change. It goes beyond mere compliance, providing a comprehensive solution that enables companies to seamlessly measure, report, and enhance their ESG performance.

Our journey in developing this product has been guided by a singular vision – to empower businesses to make informed decisions that not only benefit their bottom line but also contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world.

Climate Disclosure Reporting What You Need to Know

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Law since 5 January 2023

Status: Passed into law on 5 January 2023.

Businesses Affected: Large public interest entities with >500 employees and all listed or non-listed large companies (two of three criteria met):
⦿ >250 employees and/or
⦿ >€40M Turnover and/or
⦿ >€20M Total Assets

Requirements: Companies will be required to disclose information investors need to assess the impact of companies on people and the environment and for investors to assess financial risks and opportunities arising from climate change and other sustainability issues

Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act (SB 253) & Climate-Related Financial Risk Act (SB 261)

Became law on 7 October 2023

Status: Signed into law on 7 October 2023.

Businesses Affected: Public and private companies operating in California with over $1 billion in revenues.

Requirements: Approx. 5,300 affected companies will be required to disclose:
⦿ Direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1 & 2) from energy consumption for the previous year starting 2026.
⦿ Indirect supply chain emissions (Scope 3) for the previous year starting 2027.
⦿ Third-party assurance on their reports via a public platform.

SB 261 companies with revenues over $500 million to report on their company’s climate risks—both the risks to businesses themselves and the climate risks they contribute to.

The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors

Proposed March 2022

Status: Rule was proposed in March 2022, no date for final rule. Businesses affected: U.S. publicly-listed companies

Proposed Requirements: Listed companies will be required to disclose:
⦿ Climate-related risks and potential material impacts;
⦿ Governance and management of climate-related risks;
⦿ Greenhouse gas emissions that may be subject to assurance;
⦿ Climate-related financial statement metrics and related disclosures in a note to its audited financial statements;
⦿ Climate-related targets and goals, and a transition plan, if any.

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