AccelESG is thrilled to announce significant advancement within our leadership team that marks a new era of innovation and impact. Please join us in welcoming Mark Becking as Chief Product Officer (CPO) for our Sustainability Platform Development!

Mark comes to AccelESG with an exceptional background in technology and a deep passion for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. With over 25 years of experience in product development and a remarkable track record of creating meaningful solutions, Mark is the perfect fit to lead our Sustainability Product Strategy into uncharted territories.

A Visionary with Proven Expertise:

Mark brings a wealth of experience that spans across international companies and diverse industries. Born in South Africa and living in Mississippi, Mark’s journey with ESG started in 2005, after leaving KPMG. Mark was requested to assist with a simple data gathering and sanitization process at a platinum mining company in South Africa called Lonmin. In 2006, Mark was asked to assist with an ESG data-gathering project for one of South Africa’s largest holding companies, Bidvest. In this process, Mark collated and presented data for over 300 companies (over 700 divisions) and over 200 indicators across a spectrum of environmental, social, and governance factors. Having dedicated the past two decades to modern development frameworks and cutting-edge technologies, Mark is no stranger to innovation. With Mark at the helm of Sustainability Product Development, we can anticipate even greater strides in this transformative field.

“Joining AccelESG was a very easy choice for me. After working in the States for the last decade, AccelESG is the first company I have seen that is targeting VALUE-based ESG instead of candy-coated greenwashing. AccelESG offers the first end-to-end ESG solution designed to help companies reimagine their business, directly increasing profitability while meeting the social requirements of ESG. AccelESG offers something unique to the market: A simplified, profitable ESG experience! I look forward to seeing the realization of the vision of AccelESG, and how this company is going to change the entire landscape of ESG integration, compliance, and profitability,” said Mark Becking.

“Mark’s appointment as Chief Product Officer reaffirms our commitment to delivering value-based Sustainability solutions that drive tangible outcomes. Mark’s vision aligns seamlessly with our mission to create Sustainability products that not only ensure compliance but also fuel genuine profitability, supply chain transparency, emission tracking, carbon credits and creating positive societal impact,” said Sanjay Kommera, CEO.

Join us in welcoming Mark Becking as he and AccelESG embark on this exciting chapter. Mark’s leadership will undoubtedly steer our Sustainability product development efforts towards groundbreaking innovation, setting new standards for the industry.

About AccelESG

Amid climate changes, there is an urgency for us to drive greater interest and accountability for our societies and environments. Businesses must rally together to make a change today, for the future. At AccelESG, technology, assets, processes and innovation are core to company’s business. The company’s sustainability strategy is grounded in the purpose to empower the world with the essentials, innovations, technology and products to thrive and align to sustainability development goals, inspired by UN SDGs, SASB, GRI.