ALPHARETTA, GA, May 01, 2023 — AccelESG today announced that Company’s Board of Directors has appointed Sanjay Kommera as Chief Executive Officer. He will assume day-to-day leadership of the Company and will also join AccelESG’s Board of Directors.

Raj Khaware, the CEO of VeeAR Projects Inc., a leading Technology Consulting & Angel Investing enterprise headquartered in Silicon Valley, is the primary investor in AccelESG. VeeAR Projects specializes in next gen connected planning and technology solutions, helping their customers align their business performance with corporate strategy by integrating all aspects of finance, supply chain, sales performance, and human resources management.

Raj Khaware said, he believes in supporting innovative companies that are committed to driving positive change. “AccelESG is one such company, and we are proud to be its primary and strategic investor. We are excited to see Sanjay take the helm as CEO and we have no doubt that under his leadership, AccelESG will continue to grow and thrive as a leading provider of sustainable solutions.”

AccelESG is committed to providing sustainable solutions and support for businesses. Sanjay’s extensive experience in both technology and sustainability make him the perfect choice to lead AccelESG on its mission to help businesses harness the power of ESG metrics to drive meaningful change.

“We believe that Sanjay’s appointment as the CEO of AccelESG will allow us to achieve even greater heights. We are excited for what the future holds for AccelESG and our clients as we work together to create a better, more sustainable tomorrow for all,” said Raj Khaware.

“I am excited to join AccelESG and lead such a strong team of experts dedicated to guiding companies towards more sustainable practices. I believe that by finding synergies between technology and ESG metrics, we can drive tangible ESG outcomes that benefit businesses, their employees, customers, and the world. I am honored to have the support of VeeAR Projects and Raj and I look forward to working together to create a better, more sustainable future for all,” said Kommera.

About AccelESG

Amid climate changes, there is an urgency for us to drive greater interest and accountability for our societies and environments. Businesses must rally together to make a change today, for the future. At AccelESG, technology, assets, processes and innovation are core to company’s business. The company’s sustainability strategy is grounded in the purpose to empower the world with the essentials, innovations, technology and products to thrive and align to sustainability development goals, inspired by UN SDGs, SASB, GRI.


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